Exocad’s implant module is available as an add-on for our Dental CAD platform. With this module, custom abutments and screw-retained bridges can be designed easily.

With exocad‘s implant module, the design of custom abutments is easy and straightforward. When designing bridges on custom abutments, the software will ensure that all abutments holding the bridge will have the same insertion axis.

The design of screw retained bridges, crowns, and copings also becomes an easy task. Take advantage of our advanced screw channel design, to simplify subsequent ceramic coating and minimize risk of chipping.

Custom abutments and suprastructure can be designed together in a single CAD session. Since milling parameters for both abutment and suprastructure are correctly considered during the design phase, optimal fitting is possible when producing all parts in one go – without the intermediate step of rescanning the produced abutment in order to design the suprastructure. It’s your choice if you mill in-house or send out your files for production a wide range of in-house milling systems are supported, and leading production centers will accept files written by exocad software.

Exocad’s implant module ships with an extensive set of implant libraries, both for usage of titanium bases, titanium preforms, and for designing one-part abutments or screw retained bridges. Following libraries are currently included from MIST:

MIST Implant Components
(others can be asked for availability)