MIST is introducing the affordable turnkey Dyamach DT2 5-axis mill into the US and Canada.  The DT2 is perfect for those laboratories looking to increase profitability by expanding custom product offerings, boost productivity and improve turnaround times, while remaining independent of milling centers.

Affordable milling precision is precisely the point.  

This fully open, patented CNC Vertical System uses the latest continuous 5-axis machining technology to wet-mill the highest quality, custom titanium implant bars and abutments.  The Dyamach DT2 also gives technicians the ability to fabricate highly precise cemented and screw retained implant prosthetics in CrCo, Zirconia and PMMA. Capable of both wet and dry processing, this robust and exceptionally versatile premium mill features a far more economical price-point than comparable systems.

Experience extremely powerful operation, that’s also easy to use!

The DT2 industrial mill is fitted with a high frequency Jäger spindle (ZS62 pmax 2.9KW), delivering exceptional precision, repeatability (Axes X,Y,Z = 0.005mm Axes A,B = 0.005°) and resolution (Axes X,Y,Z = 0.001mm; Axes A,B = 0.001°), speed (60,000 rpm) and the power needed for milling Titanium and other metals. Its high-precision movements, fitted on heavy duty roller guides and play-free precision ball screws, are powered by brushless motors – all guaranteeing reduced vibration and exceptional precision. And its sealed working chamber allows for the full recovery of the precious metal as well as filtration of impurities.

While powerful with faster processing capabilities than comparable mills, the DT2 is extremely user-friendly and intuitive to use, allowing technicians to begin producing both simple and more complex titanium screwed elements in short order.  Equipped with built-in features that include an automatic tool-changer with 9 positions, automatic tool length measurement, broken tool detection, and tool wear monitoring, as well as the ability to easily transition between wet and dry processing modes,  technicians can easily mill implant prosthetics with confidence. And, because work is done directly on the disk, without arms and references, tools last longer with less wear or breakage.

Built to fit and install almost anywhere.

The Dyamach DT2 is relatively a compact size compared to other industrial machines. With its solid aluminum structure and plug-and-play installation, this durable milling machine can be quickly installed almost anywhere. It is designed to use a low-power system (220v, 3kW) that, unlike its leading competitors, requires no special power configuration for installation and use

Fully open and designed for tomorrow’s technology today.

The Dyamach DT2 is a fully open system that is compatible with other open 3D scanning and CAD software systems including Sum3D Dental (CIM System), HyperDENT® (OPEN MIND) and DentMILL (Delcam) to name just a few. This flexible milling system is also easily upgradeable to accommodate the ongoing explosion of new products and materials, making the DT2 a powerhouse for the long haul.